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Favourite Movies ~ The Boondock Saints (1999)

"Destroy all that which is evil

So that which is good may flourish”

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Pipos Doll Animation x



even though Angel Beats destroyed me it’s still the goddamn funniest anime

i started watching anime b/c of this video





do you ever stop to think what it would be like if the dursleys were nice to harry? what if their reason for hating magic wasn’t simply that it was magic and they were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much but that it took petunia’s sister away from her and then killed her? what if it wasn’t even really hatred bc wizards are different and not normal but accumulated pain and fear bc some wizards kill?

imagine harry actually being able to call privet drive his home. imagine him having a room like any other kid and playing with dudley and eating full meals every day. imagine dudley defending harry instead of being the one to bully him. imagine the dursleys celebrating harry’s birthdays as well, having his pictures on the walls next to dudley’s, buying him new clothes, hugging him. imagine if they actually told him the truth about his parents, that they had magic and they were killed but they loved him so so much. imagine harry being able to talk with petunia about his mother, to hear stories about her childhood and what was she liked and that he has her eyes and they’re beautiful. imagine harry getting to read his letter at breakfast and be excited bc he’s like his mum and dad, he has magic too.

imagine harry knowing love from the very start.

but now think about this happy harry who would have a family to go back to and ask yourself: would he be so eager to sacrifice himself in the forest? would it be so easy for him to accept death? would there be any reason for him to do just that? of course not. and of course dumbledore knew all that. if the dursleys were indeed nice people dumbledore would probably find a different place for harry bc he needed him broken, he needed him selfless to the point where it’s unhealthy, he needed him to be the weapon to kill voldemort and nobody cares if weapons get a happy childhood, they’re just weapons after all.

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ALL OF THIS. It’s amazing how much your interpretation of the series changes, that day when you wake up, old enough to understand that Dumbledore /isn’t really a good guy/. Maybe in the macro level, but certainly not when it comes to the way he deals with Harry.

tRULY out of all the characters in the story I hated Dumbledore the most, because in the end he never changed, he still ascribed to that which made him just like his evil overlord boyfriend:

"For the greater good". Dumbledore did everything for the greater good, and that’s what made him a terrible person. 

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And to wonder how it is to feel beautiful and free


Reblogging your friends hot selfies to show them off like


It turns out Ken and Junpei are right


In reply to this post…here’s the scan from the Official P3 My Episode S.E.E.S. fanbook:


This is when you ask him for a knife to give to Elizabeth…

Edit: I’ve been told he calls his knives ‘Partners’ and uses the same words that Yosuke does for Yu…


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