Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I hate going through the #misfits tag…

There’s always posts about how Season Three ‘suuuucked’ because Nathan’s not there and ‘he was the BEST character and so funny and HOOOT and weh weh’.

But what really gets me is them saying ‘Rudy isn’t funny he’s stupid and a bad replacement for Nathan and HE SUCKS’.

Alright, for the non-biased version, he’s not just a replacement (yeah, I get that they wanted another coarse, horny idiot to make up for Nathan).

(^ Two-dy, his emotional side)

He’s a lot more sensitive than Nathan (because of his power, you can tell when he’s upset, as he starts to look like he’s in pain). He’s also not mean just to be funny.

(it’s hard finding gifs of him being mean!)

Nathan is a jerk. He’s constantly belittling his friends, just for a laugh. (He was mean to his MOM!!)

He’s fucking terrible to Simon, and Simon is a saint for putting up with his shit.

I admit he’s funny at times, but then he snaps right back to douche comments.

Rudy never tells a joke to make someone else feel bad. Most of his humor comes from just being odd.

Or inappropriate:

But never mean!

The rudest he gets is with Freeze-Chick (who set him up, for no reason he thinks!) and Two-dy, which is just him being self-deprecating. And, Two-dy gets him into trouble now and again! The therapist, his community service…

And he is a bit sex-crazed… But he tones down in his centric episode.

(after that, who wouldn’t?)

And let’s not forget the chick from S3E1! He seemed to genuinely like her!

(that was from his centric episode… Though it wasn’t really sincere, still cute)

He’s got a cool power… A bit useless in social situations, but great if you need a hand.

*shrug* All in all, he’s a good character. It looks like acted a lot more shy and sensitively back when, and then Alisha… you know.


It’s obvious that he puts up a front, it’s the same with Nathan.

But Nathan hurts others, even the ones he loves. Rudy, not so much. He seems to beat himself up more. He knows that he can hurt people, he has fucking decency not to rag on his friends.

Not to mention, he’s a fucking hero.

When him and Alisha are hanging, and he kicks over his chair to stop Freeze-Chick from killing them, and he sacrifices himself after she tells him she does remember him and she’s sorry.

(I had to take my own screencaps because no one ever does the non-humorous scenes)

"That’s good enough."

Years after he love(d/s) her, years after all the emotional trauma she put him through, and he forgives her.

I hate to bring it up now, but remember when Nathan fell off the roof?

And Simon tried to save him, but he couldn’t?

And THEN, Nathan BLAMES him for letting him die, even though there was nothing Simon could do. *shakes head* What a dick.

Anyways, the creators dropped the ball with Rudy. I mean, he completely forgets about his heart being broken, and him and Alisha never get any more character building together.

Alisha treats him with mild distaste! After HE SAVED HER LIFE! Ugh.

And… yeah. That’s all I really have to say.

Have some other gifs.

Here’s a good picture, first:

And then:

^ And thus a billion more like 3 Rudy x Two-dy fanfics were wrote that day.

Oooh! Have some face! (like the one up there^^^^)

**Spoiler alert: Rudy has the best face!!**

Also, I noticed I picked up a hand gesture from him.

I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened. Not that I’m complaining.

I didn’t even realize until looking for gifs.

End, I guess.

It is with tentativeness I multi-tag this. Some people agree, some don’t, but there’s an obsessed fan ready to defend themselves.


^ This.


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